Kress BiPower

Rotary/chisel hammers SDS-Plus

360 BPS BiPower

  • World novelty BiPower: Cordless and corded operation in one pneumatic hammer
  • Outstanding battery capacity and service life due to a highly efficient, wear-resistant, brushless motor and 3.5 Ah battery capacity motor – up to twice as many holes with one battery charge compared to 36V cordless hammers of competitors
  • Fastest drilling speed through the optimum interplay of an innovative motor, speed stabilisation and mature impact mechanism technology compared to cordless and even corded tools with the same power
  • Lowest vibration values through innovative dampening system that ensures comfortable and low-fatigue work.

Technical Data

Battery voltage36    V
Battery capacity (lithium ion)3,5  Ah
No-load speed0 – 850 1/min.
Impact energy – EPTA-Procedure 05/20092,9 Joule
No-load rate of percussion0 – 4.500 1/min.
Max. bore diameter 
for hammer drilling in concrete
26 mm
Max. bore diameter – 
Hammer drilling in masonry with core cutter
68 mm
Max. bore diameter in steel13 mm
Max. bore diameter in wood30 mm
Charging time45 min.
Clamping collar Ø55 mm
Vibration hammer drilling9,4 m/s²
Tool weight4,9 kg



• Battery and charger kit ALK 360
consisting of universal charger
USL 360 Li (14,4-36 Volt) and
1 x 36 V / 3.5 Ah Li-Ion battery
(Art.-Nr. 98 04 4501)
• Universal charger USL 360 Li(Art.-Nr. 98 04 4503)
• Battery pack APF 360/3.5(Art.-Nr. 98 04 4502)
• QuiXS quick-action drill chuck(Art.-Nr. 98 04 1502)
• SDS-Plus chuck QuiXS
Suitable for 360 BPS BiPower
and 800 PSE QuiXS Set
(Art.-Nr. 98 04 1501)

Product features

  • Lithium-Ion battery technology with a 2-years guarantee
  • High durability due to low-wear brushless motor and robust magnesium-metal gear casing
  • Best possible cooling of the motor and gear ensures longevity
  • Control electronics for soft drilling
  • Synchronised change from drilling to chiselling operations
  • Rotation stop with spindle lock for easy chiselling operations 
  • Hammer action stop for normal drilling 
  • Safety friction clutch protects the user
  • SDS-plus tool holder with automatic locking
  • Soft hand grip and rubberised trigger switch for work with little sign of fatigue

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x 36 V / 3,5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • 2-component Antivibration handle with drilling depth gauge
  • 4 m rubber mains cable with patented quick-action lock
  • Lubricant for drill and chisel
  • Professional carrying case Klick-Box II